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termitesTermites infestation is potentially one of the most damaging infestations to your home, and cause considerable and costly damage each year to the homeowners who don’t take proactive steps in preventing termite infestation and damage.

Once a termite infestation starts, it will nearly always need professional treatment from termite protection experts in order to control the problem.  If you notice signs of termite infestation, we recommend being proactive and calling in Pest Control Sydney for a termite inspection and to develop a termite protection plan for termite treatment, although there are things you can do to reduce your chances of having termite problems.

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Termite Protection and Prevention

Termite protection and prevention can be easy and inexpensive, if you are proactive about keeping them out of your home.  After a termite infestation has begun, it becomes more difficult and expensive to eliminate these unwelcome pests and repair any damage they’ve done.  There are a few proactive termite treatment steps you can take to keep your costs down, help prevent termite problems, and limit the damage termites are able to cause to your home.

Termite Protection Methods

  • inspectionsUse wood treated to prevent termites and remove termite attractants
  • Reduce humidity.
  • Use bait to help spot the presence of termites near your home.
  • Use barrier methods as a means of termite protection from entering your home.

Use Treated Wood and Remove Termite Attractants

Termites eat, live near, and are attracted to wood debris and materials containing cellulose.  If you are going to be using these materials for firewood, landscaping, or other purposes, choose products which have been treated for termite protection, so they won’t consider this wood a source of food.  Remove, or carefully store, cellulose based materials and wood from around the perimeter of your home to reduce the likelihood of attracting termites.

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Reduce Humidity

Termites are attracted to moisture and high levels of humidity, so make sure all areas of your home, including crawlspaces under floors, are well ventilated.  Fans are available that help to keep sub-floors dry.  Although reducing humidity can be difficult in some climates, preventive termite solutions is easier than treatment for termite control.

Use Bait to Spot Termites

If you have removed the easy availability of termite bait materials from your home, placing bait stations around the rest of the property will help keep you informed of the arrival of termites near your home.  This termite protection method may be able to help you tell if termites are coming, and this is a good step to help ensure your home is protected.  If you find termites in your traps, you may want to re-examine your home for materials that will attract termites.

Barrier Methods for Termite Control

termite inspection sydneyBarrier methods are one of the most successful ways of termite protection, and will help prevent infestation by keeping them from coming into your home.  Chemical barriers are termite protection systems which treat the soil, concrete, wood and other materials in your home to make them inedible to termites.  Physical barriers are also available, and are designed to give your home a layer of termite protection which is inedible to termites that they are unable to cross.

There are a few ways of termite protection, but if you think you may have termites in your home or see signs of an infestation, you should  contact a professional Sydney termite Inspector so any pest issues can be proactively controlled.  We can be reached at 02 8313 0501 and are ready to design a termite protection plan tailored to your needs.

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