Rat & Rodent Control

Rat And Rodent Control

ratsSome signs of a rat or rodent infestation are food packages being nibbled on, hearing scratching sounds in the walls, hearing the characteristic squeaking sounds of rodents, or noticing rodent droppings.  Rodent infestations are serious and grow quickly, so seeking the help of professional pest control experts will be a very good idea.  Pest Control Sydney is very experienced in dealing with rat and rodent control problems both large and small, as well as other pest control problems, and we will work quickly and discreetly to eliminate the problem while keeping safety in mind and helping to prevent further damage to your home from the unwelcome visitors.  Call our rodent control experts right away, because rat and rodent populations increase in number very quickly.

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Handling a rodent control issue is difficult, which is why it’s a good idea to leave this work to experienced and skilled pest exterminators.  Whether you are wanting to manage an existing infestation or just simply trying to prevent having rodent issues in your home, we are ready to work with you to develop a rodent control plan which best suits your needs as well as the unique needs of your home or business.

Our Rat and Rodent Pest Control Service

rodentsWe specialize in managing rodent infestations using both lethal and non-lethal options.  Some of these options are poisoning, environmental modifications, excluding the rodents, or trapping them.  We are committed to finding an effective solution for your rat and rodent problem, as well as helping you develop a plan to prevent rodent issues in the future.  Whether you have an existing infestation or are just concerned about preventing rodent problems, we are ready to work with you and develop a comprehensive plan for rodent control.

Problems Commonly Associated with Rat and Rodent Infestations

Rats and rodents will gnaw on most things they find, so physical damage caused by an infestation tends to mount quickly.

Rats and rodents can also cause:

  • Introduction of other pests, such as fleas
  • Spread of disease
  • Food contamination

Rats and rodents do not see very well, and they tend to use the same paths to navigate around, and dirt and grease from rat traffic is another type of property damage associated with rodent infestation.  Rodents can also spread bacteria, disease, or other parasites to humans and pets.  Rats have been attributed to the spread of both the bubonic plague and the Hanta virus.  Rat traffic and nibbling also contaminates both human and pet food, which is another reason the presence of rats or other rodents in your home should be dealt with quickly and proactively.

Hotline: (02) 9190 1107

If you suspect you are dealing with a rat or rodent infestation, or want to develop a rodent control plan to help prevent future issues with rats and rodents, the rat exterminator experts at Pest Control Sydney can be reached at 02 8313 0501.

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