Flies and Flea Control

Fly and Flea Control Sydney

Flies and fleas are the most common pests to people and animals worldwide.  If you notice bite marks on your legs, pets scratching much more than usual, or actually see the fleas and flies themselves, then you know you are having fly and flea control problems with these insects.  No matter how serious your fly or flea control problem is, our qualified pest control experts are ready to help.  Our professional flies control experts are ready to respond quickly, and have many resources for combatting a fly or flea control problem.  We are committed to solving your problem effectively, and the first time. Our fly extermination experts are equipped to control any size of infestation including problems with many different kinds of pests.

Fly and Flea Control Service Includes:

  • Inspection to find the insects
  • Pest control to eliminate existing flea and fly problems
  • Monitoring to help prevent future fleas and flies control problems

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Our Flea and Flies Control Services

When dealing with a serious infestation, it is strongly recommended to employ the services of a pest control company who can help you address the fly and flea control issues you can see, as well as any hidden pests or risk factors you may not be aware of.  Our pest inspection is very thorough, and we will give you a detailed fly and flea control report and cost estimate for solving your pest problem from top to bottom.  Our fly and flea control service will be able to effectively exterminate any issues you are having, and set up prevention methods to help prevent problems in the future.  We have tools such as dusts, sprays, and are apply to apply these methods in combination to help you come up with the best fly killer solution.  We are also able to make suggestions regarding hygiene or how to flea and fly-proof your doors and windows, or other parts of your home.  If you are having fly or flea control problems, you may want to seriously consider taking your pet to a veterinarian for a flea bath, flea control treatment, or to be tested for worms.  The sooner you reach out to our pest control service, the sooner your pests will be able to enjoy a pest free home.

Hotline: (02) 9190 1107

About Flies and Fleas

Fleas and flies reproduce quickly, which is why it’s important to deal with these insects quickly and proactively to get ahead of the problem and prevent any infestation problems from becoming worse.  Fleas are very common, especially in homes with pets, but are often found in homes of non-pet owners.  The primary concern with fleas is their bite, and although the initial bite is not painful, their saliva causes irritation and itching, and in some, a more serious allergic reaction.  Pets are also able to develop a serious allergy to fleas, and if that happens, they will develop serious rashes or a serious itching problem.  Flies are also a serious pest, and are known for carrying bacteria between places they land.  Flies also bite humans and animals.

About Our Pest Control Service

If you suspect a fly or flea infestation, our Pest Control Sydney professionals are waiting to help you resolve your problem quickly.  We are ready to resolve your problem of any size, and are committed to making your home pest-free.

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