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Mosquito Control Sydney

Mosquitoes can be particularly difficult, and are known for causing itchy welts or bite humans frequently.  If you are tired of dealing with zappers, swatter, or strong chemicals to deal with your mosquito control problem, Pest Control Sydney is ready to help.  We are ready to respond quickly to your mosquito control needs, and can help save you and your yard from mosquito bites and buzzing.  Pest Control Sydney can be reached at 02 8313 0501, and is waiting to help you find the best mosquito control solution for your home.

Our Mosquito Control Service Includes:

  • Inspection to find mosquitos
  • Pest Control to effectively exterminate any existing mosquito problems
  • Monitoring to help protect your home from mosquitos in the future

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What is a Mosquito?

Mosquitoes are a family of small flies.  Female mosquito have tube like mouth that is used to pierce the skin of their hose and suck blood.  There is very little blood lost to mosquito bites, but its saliva causes a rash which can be very irritating to humans.  In some areas, mosquitoes can be vectors of serious diseases, such as yellow fever or malaria, so mosquito problems should be taken seriously.  Mosquitoes are most prevalent at dawn and dusk, and rest in cool places when they aren’t feeding.

Mosquito Prevention

The key to controlling mosquito populations around your home is prevention.  Here are some preventative measures you can take yourself:

  1. Reduce the standing water on your property to limit mosquito breeding grounds. Make sure that anything left neglected which can hold standing water is emptied out.
  2. Keep gutters clear and make sure they are draining well.
  3. Keep vegetation and grass well trimmed, mosquitoes fest on plant nectar when they aren’t feasting on blood.
  4. Keep your yard clear of debris to limit mosquito breeding areas.

Hotline: (02) 9190 1107

Professional Mosquito Control

If prevention doesn’t give you the mosquito control results you need, the professionals at Pest Control Sydney can provide barrier sprays that kill adult mosquitoes, and larvicides that can kill mosquitoes in the larva stage.  The main ingredients in the barrier spray is derived from chrysanthemum flowers, and it is usually applied with a backpack sprayer.  Larvicides are most effective when applied near mosquito breeding grounds.

Mosquito Misting Systems

If you would like constant mosquito control for your yard, automatic mosquito sprayers are also an option.  Most sprayers release a 30 second spray a few times a day to help exterminate or repel the insects within the treated area.  Automatic spray systems are filled, serviced and winterized by our trained professionals, who are ready to do all the hard work for you.

Pest Control Sydney also has all-natural mosquito sprays made from botanical extracts to help protect your home from pests using the safest solution.  Although natural mosquito options are effective, they will need to be applied more frequently.  Give us a call at 02 8313 0501 so we can help you find the best pest control solution for your home.

Hotline: (02) 9190 1107

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