Mouse Control

Mouse Control

Finding mouse droppings or hearing the telltale sounds of a mouse infestation are concerning to any home or

business owner.  Mouse infestations must be handled proactively and quickly because their population rapidly increases.  To prevent your home or business from becoming a breeding ground for a large mouse population, contact the rat exterminator experts at Pest Control Sydney to help handle your mouse control problem, or develop a plan to prevent future mouse infestations.  We are ready and will move quickly and effectively to develop a mouse control solution for your home.

Mouse Control Service Includes:

  • Inspection to find mice
  • Pest control and treatment to address any existing mouse populations
  • Monitoring to prevent future mouse infestation problems

Our pest control professionals have many resources for dealing with a mouse infestation, and move quickly and effectively, because we know how unwanted and distressing a mouse control problem can be.  Mice can be dealt with by a home owner using traditional traps, but when dealing with a larger or growing population, it is difficult to deal with this type of mouse control problem efficiently using single traps.

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About Mice

Many people consider mice a nuisance because they interfere with human activity, contaminate food, spread disease, and are capable of causing considerable property damage.  Mice often chew through nearly anything they can find.  We work with several mouse control options for controlling their population, which includes both lethal and non-lethal techniques.  Modifying your environment and trapping mice are both effective rat extermination methods to help get ahead of a mouse infestation.  You can count on Pest Control Sydney to develop a mouse control plan that will manage your mouse infestation effectively.

Mice Control Services

Rodent management includes finding ways to help keep an infestation from spreading in your home, and damage control to help mitigate damage caused by an existing mouse population while it is being eliminated or moved from a space.  Our mouse control specialists are experienced in dealing with both residential and commercial properties, and are equipped to manage an infestation of any size.  If you do not currently have a mouse control problem but want to learn ways to help prevent mouse problems or address risk factors for mouse infestation in your home, our pest control specialists are ready to help with that as well.

Risks of a Mouse Infestation

Mice are a fairly common household pest, but there are still serious risks to having mice at your home or business.  Mice are known for gnawing on nearly whatever they can find, which can contaminate human and pet food or cause structural damage to your home.  Mice also spread disease, and other pests such as fleas, so mice are considered by many to be unsightly and unsanitary.

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If you are concerned about mice in your home or business, contact Pest Control Sydney to see how we can help you, we can be reached at 02 8313 0501 and are ready to work quickly to meet your mouse control needs and exceed your expectations.

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