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Termites are insects that if left unchecked feast on the wood furnishings and structure in your home, which can impact the value of your home and pose a safety hazard.  It is important to be proactive in dealing with a termite termite inspection sydneyinfestation before the population grows and the damage becomes more severe.

Because termites primarily live underground, a termite problem can initially go unnoticed for quite some time.  Our termite inspection professionals at Pest Control Sydney are experts at identifying the signs of a termite problem and removing them through out termite treatments, regardless of how big or small, and are very skilled, fully licensed, qualified, and trained. The first step in handling a termite problem is a termite inspection, and some properties are more prone to termite problems, so will need to be inspected more often.

Some signs of a possible termite infection are:

  1. Softened Wood
  2. Termite Debris
  3. Mud Holes

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Softened Wood

Termites can cause wood floors to sag or appear buckled, which can be mistaken for normal wear or age, but a key factor in determining if there may be a termite problem is if the wood is softened.  Termites dig small tunnels in wood as they eat, and fill the tunnels with a mud-like substance they excrete, and these filled tunnels have the effect of softening the wood.  As they continue, this behavior could hollow out wood considerably, leading to a distinct spongy feeling to wood structures, which is one of the issues our pest inspectors looks for.

Termite Debris

termite control signEven if the primary signs of a termite problem are found underneath a house, it is possible you may suspect a termite problem because of debris left behind by termites.  You may also find wings dropped by termites who are migrating from one area to another.  The best places to look for termite debris are stumps or wood on the perimeter of a property, or near other problem areas where termite tunnels, or mud holes, are likely to crop up.

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Mud Holes

Our termite inspection professionals inspect for likely termite entry points to see if any termite tunnel openings are visible.  These tunnels are very small, and can be difficult, if not impossible to see, and may be underneath the home.  Window sills are another likely termite entry point.  During your termite inspection, we will be able to evaluate each home on an individual basis for where termites are most likely to be found.Pest Control Sydney takes beespride in our thorough and effective approach to handling termite inspection.

Pest Control Sydney takes pride in our thorough and effective termite inspection approach to handling termite removal.  We work quickly and discreetly in order to protect the investment of your home, while keeping your safety in mind.  Following your termite inspection, we will work with you to develop a  plan to reduce the likelihood of a future termite infestation.  Regular termite inspection, as well as being proactive once you notice the signs of termite problems can help to reduce your home’s vulnerability to damage from these pests. Our termite protection will ensure that they do not return to pester your home any longer.If you see any signs of termite infestation be sure to call a termite inspection professional as soon as possible to reduce your losses.

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