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Bee & Wasp Control

pest control managerMany people find bees or wasps concerning because of their propensity for stinging or attacking humans.  Pest Control Sydney will respond quickly to our customers bee and wasp control needs.  Getting rid of or removing a bee or wasp nest can be difficult and dangerous, and it is generally not advisable to attempt this on your own.  Our bee and wasp control professionals have personal protection equipment and specialized gear that allows the to get rid of a bee or wasp nest safely, easily, and effectively.  Our company has helped many people and is committed to trying to solve your pest control problem the first time.  We also work discreetly to help protect your privacy.

Our Bee and Wasp Control Services Include:

  • Bee and Wasp Inspections to find the insects
  • Bee Control to eliminate wasps and bees

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Risks of Bees

Bees and wasps have a very painful sting, but are especially harmful to people who have allergies to their venom.  A bee or wasp nest could mean there are hundreds or thousands of bees at your home or business.  If you are stung by a wasp or bee, applying a paste formulated from baking soda and water will help reduce pain and swelling.  The insects typically die after stinging a person.

About Bees and Wasps

There are many different types of bees and wasps, and although bees are helpful pollinators, nobody is happy to find them indoors or in children’s play areas.  Bees and wasps are a common occurrence in many different areas, but if you notice a nest or an increase in their numbers, it may be a good idea to call in a bee or wasp extermination expert.  Bees and wasps can be easily provoked, so it is a good idea to deal with any bee or wasp problems before they become a threat to your customers or families.  Disturbing their nest is a common way to get attacked by bees or wasps, which is why it is a good idea to hire a bee control services for this endeavor.

Bee or Wasp Nests

The most common way to determine you have a bee or wasp control problem is sighting their nest, which is made out of chewed wood and bee or wasp saliva, and will have a papery appearance.  Nests will grow in size during the summer, when the insect population increases, so it is a good idea to deal with any nests your find earlier in the year when possible.  If you cannot tell where bees or wasps are coming from, paying attention to their flight path might be helpful.

Pest Control Sydney is only a phone call away, at 02 8313 0501, and ready to work with you to help eliminate bees or wasps control problem from your home or business.  We are experienced with all sizes of infestations and many different kinds of pests.

Hotline: (02) 9190 1107


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