Silverfish Control Sydney

Although silverfish are not dangerous to humans, like any kind of insect, many people consider silverfish bugs in their home or business unsightly, unsanitary, and a problem that must be dealt with quickly.  They can thrive in almost any environment, so silverfish are a fairly common insect Silverfish Control Sydneycontrol problem.  Silverfish are generally active during the night, and move very quickly, so you may not easily notice the severity of a silverfish infestation at first.  You are most likely going to find silverfish in your bathroom under the sink, in your basement or attic, or in your pantry.  Our Pest Control Sydney experts are ready to help you resolve your silverfish control problems quickly and discreetly. We will work hard to help make sure all your pest problems, from spider control to termites can be solved in your first pest control service with us.

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation:

  • best pest control services sydney logoSkin castings from the silverfish molting
  • Small holes in clothing
  • Damage to packages in your kitchen
  • Noticing the bugs, which are most likely found in your basement or bathroom

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Silverfish Control Services

If you notice any signs of a silverfish infestation, Pest Control Sydney is equipped to deal with your silverfish control  problem swiftly and efficiently.  You can try to Sydney Silverfish Control Servicesresolve the silverfish control issue on your own by isolating the insects, removing their food source, or very extensive cleaning, but often insect populations multiply very quickly, and these steps are not enough.  We have multiple silverfish control resources available for controlling your pest problem including liquids and dusts. We will work with you to find the best silverfish control solution for your home or business, keeping safety in mind.

About Silverfish

Silverfish are not dangerous to humans or pets, but are nonetheless considered unpleasant, especially inside a home or business.  Silverfish can multiply quickly, and being proactive about handling silverfish control problems is much easier than dealing with an advanced infestation.

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Problems Silverfish can cause

The silverfish control problem can cause are generally connected to how they damage things with their eating- they will gravitate towards a food source and can stay there for a long period of time. Eventually they will eat through human food sources and natural fibers.

silverfish control sydneySilverfish can Damage or Destroy:

  • Walls and wallpaper
  • Books and other paper
  • Flour
  • Natural cloth-like silks or cotton

They eat both carbohydrates and protein.  They sometimes even eat more uncommon household food sources for insects, such as paste and pest silverfish control sydneyshampoo.  Silverfish prefer dark, moist environments, which is why you are likely to find them in basements and bathrooms.  So even though they are not dangerous to humans, a silverfish control problem can cause considerable damage, especially if it is not controlled quickly.

Pest Control Sydney

thumbs up pest silverfish control services sydneyDealing with a pest control issues early and proactively is much easier than dealing with an advanced infestation, so if you suspect you are having silverfish control issues, it is a good idea to call the leader in Sydney pest control right away.  Pest Control Sydney can be reached at 02 8313 0501, and we are ready to handle any of your silverfish control needs swiftly and efficiently.  We are experienced in handling many different types of pests and sizes of infestations, and can work in home, retail, and commercial spaces.

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